Uncle Josh thinks maybe Disney retconning Star Wars EU isn’t such a bad thing

I am slowly catching up on my newsfeeds, and I came across this io9 post and specifically this comment. The comment made me realize that maybe twenty-five years of fandom is getting a mercy killing.

Back in ’91, I discovered the Thrawn trilogy and it opened up a door to a great universe that I wanted to live in as a kid, and it led to more great books that I really enjoyed. I couldn’t keep up with the expanded universe, but I took comfort in knowing it was going on.

Until Vector Prime.

Turning the Star Wars universe into something gritty was not what I wanted. I tried to keep reading, because the scale and scope of the story was so great I wanted to live it.

But they killed Chewbacca, and that’s not acceptable.

Star Wars is not a universe where important people die. There are plenty of minor characters who die, sure, but the majors? No. They move on to a higher level of the force. That’s death in Star Wars. Star Wars is for the kid who understands heros and accepts the opposite sex but doesn’t get gooey about it. Star Wars is a common vocabulary for the inner 12-year old.

After Vector Prime, I was willing to part with almost every Expanded Universe book I owned.

And now Disney has shuffled it all off so it’s the closest thing to official as fanfic could ever get. Okay, rebooting the EU is probably the best term. But really, this is the important thing about Disney starting over:

Chewie lives.


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