[NaNoWriMo] Uncle Josh is behind

One of the strange things about the current NaNoWriMo project is that it started in Present Tense Omniscient. This is not a natural way for me to write, even in summaries I tend to use Past Tense. I keep slipping into past tense as well. Ah, well. That’s life. It means I have a tendency to write “He sais” which is partly my fingers typing “said” (which, as Matt Hough pointed out at OryCon, is punctuation in fiction) and partly too-late remembering that this is present tense, so finishing up with the “s” instead of the “d”.

I’m also pantsing my way through this novel, which is not my favorite way to work. I’ve lost track of characters so I have Deputy Whatshername and Sheriff Whoeverhehis, a cooling corpse by the river named Victim and a not-so-pleasant character named Husband. His wife I named Qasey, which has all the conceipt of a cool sci-fi like name without being unpronounceable.

My search and replace feature is going to go into overdrive should I ever finish this.



About Uncle Josh

I am a genre writer from the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.

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