Uncle Josh goes to the Theater, part 2

Let me summarize, succintly, how I feel after watching Box Part 2 from The Pulp Stage:


I haven’t felt this worked up over a new play since Equivocation. Almost everything I said last week still holds true: The acting is superb. The hero moments draw applause. The tension grows into a cliffhanger that — well, see the above exclamation on that.

The one thing I got wrong was expecting Jane (Kaia Maarja Hillier) to play the system. If she stil is, she’s really damn subtle about it, which makes perfect sense given how clever she is.

I accept that this is written for the Readers Theater, so it seems unfair to discuss the appearance of the actors, but Leslie Spitznagel and Bryce Earhart look like Portia and Ethan should look. Were this a blocked stage production, these two could fit right in. If this were a radio play, these actors–even if I had not seen them–would be close to the mental models.

Brian Burger and Jacquelle Davis bounce between the extra characters, and that’s got to be fun. When they stand, you know you’re in for a small treat.

I know people may worry that you can’t see part 2 unless you’ve seen part 1, and to solve this, not only is there a synopses provided, but part 2 opens with a brief summary that sets the stage and kicks the story off again that would be fine even with a fifteen-minute intermission rather than a week. I expect part 3 is written with the same problem in mind.

And boy, will this be good. The tension in part two ramps up considerably. The system is viscious. The system is cruel. The system is, parodoxically, trying to enforce morality by dehumanization (but then again don’t all dystopias work that way?).

The end of part two had me shaking my fist and crying out “CONNOLLY!” in much the same way Sherlock fans shake their fists and cry “MOFFAT!” (You can’t really shake your fist screaming “CONNOLLY AND HAYNES” and I know Tina better.)

Luckily for me (and you), they are doing part 3 twice, once on Sunday February 8, and once on Monday February 9th. As I’m scheduled to fly to Omaha on the 9th, I’m really frikkin’ happy they scheduled it this way.

Go. Buy tickets. You won’t be disappointed.


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