Uncle Josh Builds Momentum

This being the Year of the Novella, after all, I needed to build some writing momentum. There are lots of projects that get it my head and shove the writing out of the way, and to get to my Novellas I need to get through stories.
This is a clearinghouse year for me. Every writer who has made it has given me the same advice: Finish what you start. Well, I don’t. That is, I haven’t been and that’s changing this year.
I found a book of science fiction prompts. 100 prompts that look like they are organized to go through the history of science fiction. I am reading one prompt, writing a story, finishing the story, then moving on to the next prompt. I have already gone through the first edits of the first story, and finished the second story today. Tonight I read the third prompt, let it ruminate in my backbrain, and tomorrow I start.
With two stories finished, I have noticed something. The first story began with a freewrite until I had the first line, the goal, and the ending come to me in a sudden burst. I didn’t use that ending, but I used the shadow ending. The character didn’t get what they wanted, but hopefully they got what they needed. That story took me a week to write, which is longer than I had hoped. I managed to write every day but not at a pace that would finish a novel in a year.
The second story also started with the freewrite until the first line and world came to me. I didn’t have an ending. I wrote and wrote and wrote for eleven days and it hurt. I had no focus, no ending, no real idea of what the character wanted. After finishing the draft, I think I know what he needed. I’m not sure.
So momentum builds. I have one more flight before I get back to the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest. I look forward to seeing your Aunt Stephanie again.


About Uncle Josh

I am a genre writer from the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.

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