Uncle Josh Writes Another

This current writing project of mine to build momentum seems off to a rough start, but I think that’s because I’m being a jerk about it.

The schedule seems straigtforward: Read Prompt. Write Story. Edit Story. Overlap and repeat.

I’ve finished three stories in 30 days, which I have to admit is slower than I’d like to go, averaging about 500 words of first draft a day.

I just finished the third piece, and it took 12 days to write it. In the wrap up I tried to think about why it was going so slowly, and part of the issue is the silliness of some of these prompts. That’s okay, of course. Prompts are there to start something. The real purpose of this is to re-teach myself how to construct a story, and break my habit of half-finished trunk stories.

In the wrap up, I typed the phrase “Space Worms and Psychic Mimes” and thought to myself if that isn’t the name of an anthology, it’s got to me the name of my next rock band.


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About Uncle Josh

I am a genre writer from the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.

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