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Uncle Josh is having a crisis

I have been working through a book of 100 Science Fiction prompts, and the progress was slow at first, but acceptable. I quite liked my first story, and the second and third stories were all right even if a bit silly. The fourth story ended completely broken but I have a strong idea how to fix it.

Then came number 5.

So far the rough drafts of each story has taken about 11 days to fiinsh

I have been working on story 5 for 20 days.

So far, the rough drafts have been over 5,200 words in length.

At about the 5,000 word mark I tried scrapping everything and “write the good stuff”.

It’s not working.

There is no good stuff.

I am back to “I cannot think of the very next word to put down”.

Oddly, I like the world. I like the characters. I love the laconic voice the narrator had over the first few days, but lost. I like the idea, but I’m not finding the story.

At this pace, I’ll never get to the novellas.

Uncle Josh makes an announcement

I just received the cover for Zombified III – Hazardous Materials, which contains my story “The Bread of Like, Life, and Stuff”.

The e-anthology will be released by Sky Warrior Books on June 1st.