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Uncle Josh is Tired with the Spam already

During the past week, I made some changes to my ISP-hosted web site so it now crossposts to my WordPress-hosted site, and to my LiveJournal, which is languishing in obscurity.

And boy, have the “masses” responded:

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Hey, thanks for the goodfeels, Mr. Spam. At least, if I can parse your grammar, I think it’s goodfeels.

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I especially appreciate greeting lines in the middle of the comment.

Most of these 70 or so comments are from addresses. Bost of the address are, so I’v got the best vacuum cleaners, bird baths, toothpaste, home security systems. It’s like they downloaded Mark Pilgrim’s Kant Generator and just went to town.

It is almost as fun as checking out my Alternate Universe Identities. I need to check in on them, I had several auto purchases and reverse mortgages to settle.

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Uncle Josh Thinks about Equality

Today is a great day if you care about civil rights. Today is a great day if you care about loving your neighbor as yourself (you know, as Christ commanded His followers to do). I can understand that some people are upset, but I have a hard time understanding why they’re so upset, other than reasons that are not good reasons.

Naturally, I’m talking about SCOTUS deciding that every American citizen has the basic right to marry.

This country was founded on an ideal that “all Men are created equal” and even when those words were published, they were not practiced. Slaves would be only 3/5ths of a person, and only for headcounts, and women were not included, nor were those who didn’t own land. Guess what? We started to change these things and bring the United States closer to being a country where equality was true and real thing that affects everyone.

The US has also had a culture of the Invisible Unequal. Sometimes they were clearly visible, but the inequality was seen as the way things are. We slowly allowed more people to vote, and slowly granted more people the same rights that “the people” naturally took for granted.

Today, a large group of people came closer to being Full Citizens with Equal Rights in this country, and that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow we must continue the fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work. Tomorrow we must continue to mourn our losses. Tomorrow we must continue the journey towards our American Ideal. (Yeah, that’s a lot of capitalization, but these are important, damn it.)

Today we celebrate.

Uncle Josh Thinks about Equality was originally published on Uncle Josh Talks Too Much

Uncle Josh goes to the theatre, and the theatre, and the theatre…

I am back from Ashland. Five plays in three days. Over the years I have tried to talk about each one individually, and some years I do a big lump summary. This is a big lump summary.

Anthony and Cleopatra

Fine fine fine. Costumes were good, acting was good, there were lighting tricks my family is still arguing about exactly how they puled it off. I did not read the play beforehand, so I don’t know if this is in the original, or in the edits, but I didn’t get the loyalty so many characters showed to Anthony. I didn’t see the great leader who inspired such loyalty, but the old man forgoing his duties to spend more time with his trophy mistress.

On the plus side, exploring those ideas of loyalty led me to outlining four stories in a cycle.


One of the remaining four on my bucket list (Timon of Athens, Titus Andronicus, and King John are the remaining three), and well worth it.  It was produced in the Thomas Theater, the black box of OSF, and everything they do there is magic. Pericles as a hero is well worth watching, other than one fatal flaw, which is endemic of Shakespeare. One letter, written and delivered, would have saved all the grief in the world. The idea that Pericles wouldn’t write his daughter in 18 years is a bit much (or was it 14? I think it’s 14 in the play, 18 in this production).

In short, go see it.


I haven’t read the book (but I now have a hold for it in the queue) and I haven’t seed the movie (also in the hold queue at my library). I thought the story was something else than it was, but it was a great story. Two intermissions, the experience of which made me think of Box by the Pulp Stage in January. There is a lot of discussion about storytelling around this play that I hope to write up sometime soon.

Guys and Dolls

Memory lane. I did this show in high school. I played a drunk, a cuban dancer, and gambler, and a janitor. I think there was another role, too, but memory fades. It’s a fun show. They didn’t do anything to it other than change the dates to Runyons original stories, and that doesn’t hurt a thing.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I wanted to like this more than I did. I wanted to be wowed, but wasn’t. The two acts had two different tones, and I think there are some vital clues about the timeline that need addressing. Dantes is arrested shortly before his 21st birthday, spends 18 years in prison, and in play time appears as the Count of Monte Cristo to enact revenge just weeks after his escape and is even commented as being “no more than 35” by the judgement of one of the other characters (granted, that character is a youth). For the Count to learn everything he knows after his freedom could take years, not weeks.

There are good aspects to this show. The dancing is good, especially the waves, and the clap-quickaside in a spotlight-clap trick works for the most part, even when characters are pointing out the blindingly obvious.

Personally, I survived the Forced Death March through Lithia Park, but we did not have time for the Annual English Brother’s Arm-Wrestling and Bashing-of-Sandals-upside-the-Head contest. I am sure I would have won. Again.

Uncle Josh does not like feeling stupid

Yet Internet Connectivity Drama Day has made me feel incompetent, unable to trace the steps I took last year and the year before. I’ve had DSL for several years, and I’ve enjoyed the hell-of-a-lot-better than dialup since.

Last year we bought a new WiFi router to speed up the connection to the Chromecast and Wii and our tablets and all that other stuff that wants to WiFi everything these days. The DSL modem has a WiFi network that sits unused, and I’d really like to turn that off.

The problem is I cannot find my admin password. Keepass file? Nope. LastPass Vault? Nope. Evernote? Keep? Drive? A file with “dsl” or “modem” or “router” on my hard drive? Nope. Nope. Nope time three. I even searched my terabyte backup. Nada.

So I can reset the modem and start over, right?


There are specific configurations that I cannot find. I can set up the DSL modem according to my ISPs wishes, but I seem to be missing some vital value, like the Gateway number. So resetting my modem leads to distress and pain and feeling like a total idiot. Forutnately, my modem has a Backup/Restore feature and a working copy of my connections are there, so I can get onto the internet again, but I have the extraneous WiFi network, and my WiFi router seems to be knocked out of the loop.

Maybe it’s okay having this rogue WiFi network. I’m operating on the probably mistaken belief that if I turn off the WiFi on the Modem, it will be able to send more traffic through to the new WiFi router.

And after several failed attempts to get a hold of my ISP, who I am sure are swamped with stupid user questions, I got a hold of them and found out this rollover doesn’t take effect until Tuesday.

Fortunately, I’m still on vacation on Tuesday, so I have a chance to fix things around here.