Uncle Josh does not like feeling stupid

Yet Internet Connectivity Drama Day has made me feel incompetent, unable to trace the steps I took last year and the year before. I’ve had DSL for several years, and I’ve enjoyed the hell-of-a-lot-better than dialup since.

Last year we bought a new WiFi router to speed up the connection to the Chromecast and Wii and our tablets and all that other stuff that wants to WiFi everything these days. The DSL modem has a WiFi network that sits unused, and I’d really like to turn that off.

The problem is I cannot find my admin password. Keepass file? Nope. LastPass Vault? Nope. Evernote? Keep? Drive? A file with “dsl” or “modem” or “router” on my hard drive? Nope. Nope. Nope time three. I even searched my terabyte backup. Nada.

So I can reset the modem and start over, right?


There are specific configurations that I cannot find. I can set up the DSL modem according to my ISPs wishes, but I seem to be missing some vital value, like the Gateway number. So resetting my modem leads to distress and pain and feeling like a total idiot. Forutnately, my modem has a Backup/Restore feature and a working copy of my connections are there, so I can get onto the internet again, but I have the extraneous WiFi network, and my WiFi router seems to be knocked out of the loop.

Maybe it’s okay having this rogue WiFi network. I’m operating on the probably mistaken belief that if I turn off the WiFi on the Modem, it will be able to send more traffic through to the new WiFi router.

And after several failed attempts to get a hold of my ISP, who I am sure are swamped with stupid user questions, I got a hold of them and found out this rollover doesn’t take effect until Tuesday.

Fortunately, I’m still on vacation on Tuesday, so I have a chance to fix things around here.


About Uncle Josh

I am a genre writer from the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.

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