Uncle Josh Fixes the Olympics and Saves a Nation

That’s one hell of a promise in the title, isn’t it? It’s a big idea that will take a lot of planning but I think it not only can work, it can be a huge benefit to the world in general and Greece in particular.

It’s commonly accepted that Rio was not ready for 2016. Swimmers should not be told “don’t touch the water because it’s nasty”. The poor shouldn’t be kicked out of their homes to make way for Olympic villages. This is a common problem with other Olympic venues. I’d have to look it up, but I think I remember hearing that very few host countries make money on the Olympics because of the temporary costs associated with running things and building things and occasionally violating people’s civil rights (assuming they have any in the host country).

It would be a lot more efficient if there was one Olympic City with permanent facilities for the Games. This is my big idea. Maybe two, to accomodate the Winter Games.

To save a country that needs help and sticks with tradition, I proppose we build Olympic City in Greece. 

Host countries will be responsible for the ceremonies and general design to bring their national flavor to the Games. Every country that participates in the Games will provide financial support, and the Host country will split the proceeds with Olympic City.

Permanent housing can be built for the althletes and trainers and families. When the Games are not in session, tourists can stay there. Various countries can schedule with the Host country to bring their athletes to the official Olympic City for training in the actual venue. This is probably where the corrupt can profit, taking bribes from the “important” countries for the best on-sate training schedule.

The benefit to Greece is financial. To get there, go through Greece. Play toursit it Greece. Boost Greece’s economy through tourism and supporting Olympic City. I hear it’s a beautiful country.

The Games will not suffer from repetition, because new games will be introduced, and that will require massive building projects. For example, I understand Surfing will be introduced in 2020. This prevents land-locked countries from hosting the Summer Games. Is this fair? There may be no surfing scene in Greece, but we can engineer anything. Hell, we made it to the moon with less calculating power than a TI-83. We can make gnarly waves (or whatever they call them) in the Meditteranean. 

It should be a long term project, but start now. I’m not sure offhand how far out the games are scheduled, but strat now, build it right, and let the world celebrate human achievement through sport instead of bashing countries for failing to prepare for the games.

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