Gernsback’s Fables: The Master Accountant and the Kind Accountant

One day the Master Accountant for a company that used to sell products but now only bought and sold other companies was compiling a revenue report for a Vice President who would, in the Master Accountant’s view, never fully understand the figures. The presentation was not as clean as he liked it so he rushed through some of the data entry and ended up swapping a couple of digits for one of his subsidiaries and his totals were then off by a sufficient margin he had just had to yell at someone.

That someone happened to be an accountant for the subsidiary. “Why are your numbers completely wrong? This is what happens when you people refuse to use the authorized system and stick your piss-poor legacy systems that never work.”

“This legacy system,” said the Minor Accountant, “is one of reasons your company claimed to acquire us. What number do you have?”

The Master Accountant read the numbers off.

“There it is, sir. You have a couple of digits reversed and that is the cause of the error.”

“You fool!” screamed the Master Accountant. “You should be thankful I don’t have your job and then sue you for disparaging my reputation!”

Kind folk have to learn than kindness must me mixed with caution


Gernsback’s Fables: The Master Accountant and the Kind Accountant was originally published on Uncle Josh Talks Too Much


About Uncle Josh

I am a genre writer from the Great Metropolitan Rain Forest.

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