Uncle Josh Writes Again (NaNoWriMo 2017)

I’ve had this idea bouncing around for probably the better part of a year, so the exact source of inspiration is lost to memory, but I’m sure I have the note in some app or file somewhere. I had been thinking about wizards and apprentices and how the progression of knowledge got passed down in some stories. The Sith “Rule of Two” seems to have been the rule. The idea I had turned that around. I had an apprentice who needed to find the wizard, because reasons. I’ve since managed to come up with reasons and call it a back story.

I have not been writing a lot and haven’t submitted a story for a couple of years. I got tired of rejection. I took a break. I played around with a few ideas but nothing has really gelled so this is all about butt-in-chair and getting my fingers moving in manuscript format instead of Python. I purchased a second-hand mechanical keyboard and moved the keys around and it kind of works well except I need a tall wrist pad because my arms got very tired in my first hour-long writing session this morning.

I also tried writing on the train to church and experimented with a qwerty layout and two thumbs and that lasted about five seconds before I got frustrated and went back to my left-handed dvorak layout on my phone. I managed a pretty good clip of about 1,000 words an hour which is what I used to do regularly, so I was satisfied with that. I also managed to salvage the obvious typos. “Yadda yadda yadda” turned into “baccalaureate baccalaureate bocce” for some strange reason that only Google understands.

I did feel good about writing, though. I have a loose outline and a few signposts. It’s looking to be a good NaNo year.

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