Uncle Josh Begins in the Middle

One thing that stops me, or at least slows me down, is getting the opening right. I had a horrible habit of writing the opening scene and not liking it or not having enough to keep going so I’d write it again and try to get that killer first line that would somehow make the rest of the novel just flow and the plot work like Lily Hevesh in her studio.

So my plan this NaNo was to not write my opening scene. I know what happens. I know where it takes place and I know the key phrases that need to be said, but I’m not writing this novella that way. I am taking the path of James Scott Bell’s Write your Novel from the Middle and I spent day one writing that middle scene, the midpoint Bell describes in his book. I figure when I get to writing the opening scene, I’ll be ready to write it and I won’t second guess myself every sentence.

This morning I worked on the bit Bell calls the Argument Against Change, which sets up the protagonist’s inner transformation.

So tomorrow, by that logic, I should write the transformation, which is pretty much the end of the story. Thankfully I know what happens there as well. It’s really an epilogue sort of thing and that will be nice to write if I choose do write that in the morning.

I’ve also been using Bell’s companion book Super Structure where he fleshes out the ideas from the first book.

So as of today I’m over 4K, which the NaNoWriMo site tells me at this pace I’ll finish by November 25. I’ve seen that before. Life will happen. OryCon will happen. Changes at work will happen.

But for now I am writing again and that’s what I need to do.

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