Uncle Josh Yells at Himself

This morning I wrote for the full scheduled hour but only got 1,650 words, but I’m not really upset about that.

I’m upset with my internal editor. I’ve been writing the same part of the novel for three days in one long sequence of events, which I suppose I had to do at some point. I can’t write everything out of order because some scenes are just taking longer that others. I am slowly building up to the first point of no return, the place where my narrative character cannot turn back, and this is supposed to happen at about the 20% mark of the manuscript, and I’m probably about 12K into the novel at this point. I have to estimate the first couple of scene that are yet to be written.

And my internal editor is beginning to twitch and tell me that I’m taking too long, that I’m meandering and not pushing the plot forward.

I know that probably what will happen is I will take the bulk of what I’ve written over the past few days and put them after the bit that I’m probably to going write tomorrow or the next day.

But that is editing, and I shouldn’t be thinking about editing. I need to let myself write the damn thing and let the story play out as I think it’s going to play out.

But man, that internal editor is a nuisance.

Uncle Josh Yells at Himself was originally published on Uncle Josh Talks Too Much


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