Uncle Josh Averts Disaster

Today did not start well. I didn’t want to wake up and didn’t get out of bed until six or seven minutes after the hour. By the time I got to my desk, tea in hand, I found my computer had decided to take a break from reality and I got a pink screen of death. Then after waiting for the long reboot I launched my novel to find … 0 words. 0 bytes. Nothing. Nada. Not an electronic sausage.

I was too tired to panic but so tired that I couldn’t swear loudly and if I had a neighbor in residence, I would have woken him. (He’s a great guy but he travels a lot.)

I save the file to Google Drive. Should solve the problem. Except Google Drive also showed a 0-byte file where my nascent novel had been.

I must admit at this point I bitched on Facebook and went to back to bed, swearing off NaNoWriMo, writing, or ever achieving anything at all in life because Windows.

After calming down I thought there was a way to view previous versions of the file and I did eventually find them, and salvaged the work that had been lost. There was an official backup of only 7K words compared to the 15K I had actually done… but no. The story was saved but the writing hour was up. I wrote about 900 words in half an hour and gave up to the inevitable “have to go to work” that plagues so many people in today’s world.

After work we went to Fonda Lee’s reading for Jade City, which sounds like incredible fun and I hope both the RPG and movie based on the work do it justice. Fonda presented the origin story of the novel, from initial thoughts to fan casting it, to the point where I realized that I hadn’t actually tracked this stuff myself. The idea for this book has been kicking around my head, according to my earlier posts “for about a year” but I’m not sure it was that long. I did have some notes online about the novel’s origins and they stemmed from a Terry Pratchett line “the natural number of a group of witches is one” from one of the early witch novels, and these may have come along during the summer when I re-read a good chunk of early Pratchett.

My process is unorganized and quite chaotic, and in the past I have caught myself writing two different stories in the same manuscript because the mental pre-writing clouds in my head converged and the result was, well, messy. I do a lot of pre-writing that way, but I think with this book I have come across a process that will let me shape those pre-writing clouds into something that I can finish.

Anyway, I came home tired and gave myself 30 minutes to crank out words, and found 1.300 more for the novel. So that’s a win. I blame Fonda.

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