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Uncle Josh Solves a Problem

We really need to do something about clutter. Mail is a major contributor to clutter, and it tends to fall in geological sheets on horizontal surfaces, only not so stable. Put the mail down to deal with “later” and mailalanche. Plus, the mail stacks up next to the charging stations for the two phones, three tablets, smartwatch, battery recharger, and the camera charger. What we need is a non-horizontal mail holder.

A trip to IKEA proved fruitless. It was like they barely thought about mail. I guess in the uberclean living of the IKEA catalog, bills are paid online and junk mail doesn’t make it into the house. So we gave up on finding a solution that would would to contain the cable clutter and give us a non-horizontal space to leave mail.

One of my rabbit holes is papercraft. I haven’t touched the stuff in a long time, but I will occasionally jump back into it. This weekend I built the box, and tonight I prototyped the top.

The bottom shelf stores the battery and camera chargers. The second to bottom shelf has holes in the back through which we can feed the USB cables. The top lifts up to give access to that shelf. The mail sorter works through sheer luck, but mail is held in place. Eventually I’ll get the tablets in there as well so I can charge them together.

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